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Sugee's Hours are 7am to 2pm

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Special hours and weekend days

 can be arranged depending on order size.

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A note to all our loyal friends and customers.


We established Sugee’s in 1982 right in the middle of a recession. We worked our way through the Dotcom bust of 2000 to 2002. We weathered the storms of 9/11 and we survived the great recession of 2008. We’re strong resilient people in the Northwest and we will get through this chapter together.


What we are doing to ensure our safety and your safety.


As many in our industry we have taken personal hygiene to a new level. We promote continuous hand washing and counter sanitizing to ensure our customers safety. Our staff maintains a safe distance from our walk-in customers and for the time being we will not have indoor or outdoor seating. We have temporarily discontinued our Hot Chafing Dish Catering and we are emphasizing our Box Lunches.



Thanks for everything and stay strong, stay safe.


Pat and Rich and the whole Sugee Crew.



We serve a full selection of hot and cold sandwiches safely prepared and packed in Sugee’s boxes with a great chocolate chip cookie and a bag of chips. We also serve and pack a great breakfast to start your day.




In addition, we will deliver to homes in the Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond neighborhoods for a 24.00 minimum order.


Same day deliveries are sometimes hard to squeeze in to our schedule so please if you can place your order a day ahead otherwise we will try to fit you in.


Call us...425-641-9484                    Email

or come visit us at 13225 NE 20th ST, Bellevue Washington 98005

Sugee's Hours are 7 am to 2pm Monday through Friday

Special hours and weekend days can be

arranged depending on order.

Please call for details.